Free Dakota Father’s Day coloring pages & cards

Até Aŋpétu Oíyokiphi Yuhá! Celebrate Father’s Day in Dakota with these free coloring pages and cards. These were created by Spirit Lake Dakota artist Marlena Myles to celebrate the fathers in our lives. You are free to download for personal/classroom use only.

Free Dakota Father’s Day Cards

Até Aŋpétu Oíyokiphi Yuhá!

Dakhótia wóhdaka wo!

Let’s speak Dakota!

Here are some phrases to practice and help you get started:

  • Happy Father’s Day!
    Até Aŋpétu Oíyokiphi Yuhá!
  • You have taught me so much
    Nína óta waúŋspemayakhiye

  • Thanks for all you’ve done for me (I am grateful for you raising me well)
    Taŋyáŋ ičháȟmayaye kiŋ phiwáda
  • You’re the best dad in the world
    Até iyótaŋ niwášte hé héčhetu ye/do
  • I think you’re the best, dad
    Iyótaŋčhida, até
  • I’m thankful for all your work (I am grateful for your goodwork/diligence/industriousness)
    Nibdíheča kiŋ phiwáda
  • I love you, dad
  • Thečhíȟiŋda, até


You can also practice the Dakota phrases for your cards with these audio guides provided by Dawí/Huhá Máza!

Iyótaŋčhida, até

I think you’re the best, dad coloring pages

Até, nína óta waúŋspemayakhiye

Dad, you have taught me so much coloring pages